Weekly Classes

Wednesday Mornings 8:30-9:45 am : Exploring Inner Qigong

Developing inner resilience and finding internal peace.

In the Hubnub on Whittox Lane, Frome with Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland

This class gives a framework for exploring yourself through movement, voicework and visualisation. Inner Qigong is not a fixed set of exercises but a system of awareness experiments through which you can discover which parts of the body are un-integrated and vulnerable to injury. It also gives you practical ways of developing a personalised daily practice which focuses on those areas.

To read an article about these classes: http://www.seed.org/inner-qigong

The first  series of classes will explore different aspects of your body, voice and physiology:

  • Breathing, support and awareness of the inner organs
  • Becoming aware of bones and joints and how you move them
  • Discovering how muscles and fascia create elastic connections
  • Exploring the rhythms of the internal fluids
  • Becoming aware of movement patterns and learning to experiment with them
  • Using your voice to energize your body and release inhibition.

Cost: by donation. Suggested £5-£10 per session.