UK Postgraduate Residential 2018

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Somatic Exploration and Movement Shiatsu

A five day course which is both a journey of self-exploration and a course in Movement Shiatsu. We will also be teaching the full sequence of Inner Qigong which is a movement-meditation form which helps you to be aware of the different ways in which your body and mind can act in harmony. More about Inner Qigong

Inner Qigong uses movement, voicework and visualisation to bring awareness to the Six Combined Channels. These trace the way in which babies learn to connect all the parts of the body together. In particular, two of them focus on the relationship between the Inner body and the Outer. Two relate the Lower body to the Upper and the other two relate the Left to the Right and the Back to the Front. By becoming aware of these connections through movement, one can realise where you need to work. Then the bodywork of Movement Shiatsu can help you to resolve blockages and to re-make connection within yourself. Inner Qigong and Movement Shiatsu form a self-contained dialogue between self-exploration and external facilitation.

The workshop will be practically useful for therapists of all modalities, showing an approach to working with people that doesn’t aim to fix problems but rather to wake up the capacity to explore oneself. It will be especially relevant as postgraduate or advanced level training for Shiatsu practitioners. We will be using Inner Qigong, Movement Shiatsu and Wolfson Voicework More about voicework

The voice is the most direct and personal expression of our energy, the dark sides of it as well as the light. Working with the voice can help you to open and value all the corners of your being. Sometimes the work is challenging, but it’s always rewarding and often deeply pleasurable. The work is based on the pioneering teaching of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, who developed ways of working with the voice to access and liberate the self. You do not need to be a singer. In fact, if you feel you can’t sing, this is for you!

The work focuses on using the voice to be authentic rather than training it to pretend. Using the voice to reach into ourselves and to reach out to touch others. In the Inner Qi Gong classes we use it to feel the different qualities of energy connecting the body into an integrated whole. Bill Palmer’s view of the work is:

“I see each one of us as a group all speaking through the same mouth. Many members of the group are silent and often the personality is dominated by one or two spokesmen, which means that most of our energy is hidden and suppressed. The key to this work is helping each member of our internal group to have a voice.”

Dates: Starting Wednesday 11th July evening until Sunday 15th July 4pm.

Venue:The course will be held in Frome at the HubNub Centre in Whittox Lane and participants have the option of staying in our centre, in which we can offer bed and breakfast with use of a kitchen to make shared meals in the evening.

Cost: The cost is £375 + accommodation fees if you stay with us. Accommodation costs from £15 per night B&B with use of kitchen for shared meals. More about accommodation …

Early Bird Discount: If you pay in full  before March 31st 2018 then the cost will be £325. Early Bird price doesn’t include  accommodation. If you find it difficult to pay in full we may accept an agreed payment schedule starting with a deposit and then a standing order set up for monthly payments. Please contact us to arrange this.

We have three varieties of accommodation. Single room or double room with bedding: £25 per person per night. Shared room with bed and bedding: £20 per night. Mattress or futon (bring your own bedding): £15 per night. Breakfast is provided in all cases and also a fully equipped kitchen with basic foodstuffs for making shared meals in the evening.

Single or double room accommodation is very limited so we suggest early reservation

To book: Please contact  us or phone 01225 580085 and we will send you an application form with details of how to book.