Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy


Data that you give us by registration or sending an enquiry will be stored in our database but will never be given, sold or otherwise transmitted to any thrid party without your written permission.

Unsolicited emails from us

Anyone who registers is given the opportunity to forbid us to email news to them. We will respect that and not email news to people who have not checked the box giving us explicit permission. People who have asked for information will be deemed to have given us permission to email them at other times with further information, when it becomes available. We may send unsolicited emails to people who have advertised themselves as being interested in the subject matters in which we specialise in a public forum such as a website. However, will make sure that we do not repeatedly email anyone who notifies us that they do not wish to be contacted by us.

We never store your credit card details

All credit card details are processed by PayPal which is trusted worldwide as a payment processing company. They collect your details and are responsible for keeping that data secure.

Checking your details

If you wish to verify the details you have given to SEED you can do so by contacting us by email, or telephone. We may ask for proof of identity before we reveal information. This proof will take the form of the email address and address details you gave us when you registered. You can also ask us to delete your details from our database and we promise to do so once we have verified your identity.