NEW Programme of Movement Shiatsu & Inner Qigong 2016


These courses are a journey of self-development as well as an inspiration for working with others. They are led by  Bill Palmer, the originator of Movement Shiatsu, and Teresa Hadland with Jonathan Clifford assisted by Brigid Maclachlan and Carol Chantler.

Each workshop can be taken individually but if you make up 100 hours of training then you will be eligible for a Diploma from the School for Experiential Education.

Movement Shiatsu is a form of bodywork in which the client is helped to become fully aware of their body and the resources it provides for living creatively, dealing with difficulties and forming relationships. Bodywork is used to bring awareness to un-integrated parts of the body and guided movement helps them to embody those areas. The work is especially useful for dealing with chronic issues, rehabilitation and emotional traumas

Inner Qigong and Movement Shiatsu combine together perfectly. Inner Qigong is a special form of movement exercise that helps you to explore your body and sense which parts are not energised or connected. This gives a motivation for the bodywork. As part of the bodywork, you learn to experiment with new ways of moving and then Inner Qigong gives a framework in which to consolidate the new patterns.

The format will be one day a month of Inner Qigong - three weekend workshops in 2016 and a longer residential retreat. You can take part in any or all of these and we will repeat the format every year. The courses will be open to everyone, experienced or not. All courses will include Movement Shiatsu Bodywork techniques and Voicework.


STARTING WORKSHOP - January16th/17th
Earth and Water - with Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland
This workshop deals with how we dominate our bodies with our mind - because of how we think we ought to be, we inhibit parts of our authentic self and this inhibition is reflected in a freezing of part of the body. In this workshop we will learn to sense these frozen parts, help the blocked energy to be expressed through voice and movement and to find completion so we can come to real relaxation.

QIGONG DAY 1 - February 20th
Connecting Spirals
In this workshop, led by Jonathan Clifford, we will explore how spiral movements help the body to feel internally connected.

QIGONG DAY 2 - March 12th
Creating Space
In this workshop, led by Bill Palmer, we will explore the movements of the internal organs and how their expansion can support the body from inside, allowing muscles to relax.

QIGONG DAY 3 - April 9th
Maintaining Boundaries
In this workshop, led by Bill Palmer, we will explore how our energy can expand to make real contact with the environment and other people without being squashed by how other people want us to be.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP - May 14th/15th
Integration, Tensegrity and Fascia
A workshop of Movement, Bodywork and Experiential Anatomy to explore how the fascia and connective tissues give a sense of integrity both physically and emotionally.These tissues connect everything together and give a sense of elasticity and wholeness to the body. The workshop will show how to contact the fascia through specific quality of touch, how to feel the elasticity of the fascia in oneself and how to use that sensation to find a sense of physical coordination and ease in movement.
See Body Blog article for an in depth description

QIGONG DAY 4 - June 11th
Blocks to Authenticity
In this workshop, led by Jonathan Clifford, we will explore how emotions such as shame and fear are embodied and how they dampen our energy. Using bodywork and group work we will explore how to take care of these emotions.

Touching the Mind: The Bodywork Techniques of Movement Shiatsu
In this workshop we will present the main bodywork techniques of Movement Shiatsu. These are accessible to everyone, no experience necessary, but are profound ways of helping people to become aware of their own anatomy and to take charge of their development. The techniques presented include:

⇒ Inner Qigong to help people explore their physical patterns
⇒ Contacting and stimulating the internal organs
⇒ Learning to sense fascia to release myofascial patterns
⇒ Manipulations to help align skeletal distortions
⇒ Guided movement to harmonise joints and resolve muscular conflict.

For more detailed information download the information Sheet

QIGONG DAY 5 - September 10th
Journey to the Centre - Developing the Jue Yin
In this workshop we will show how the body develops its sense of wholeness by forming sequences of muscle and fascia converging on a central organising point in the solar plexus. This connectivity usually forms in the first six months of life but is often lost later on causing parts of the body to be disconnected and vulnerable to injury. As well as the physical consequences, this dissociation underlies many emotional issues because the 'inner community' has no common centre so disintegrates into inner conflict.

We will show how to re-connect to this centre through bodywork and movement and will demonstrate a form of Qigong that strengthens and maintains this central organisation through focus on the meridian pathway called the Jue Yin.

QIGONG DAY 6 - October 8th
Finding Dynamic Equilibrium - Developing the Shao Yang
Emotional equilibrium has a physical foundation in the way in which the body balances itself, the way in which muscles collaborate and the way in which the nervous system creates dynamic equilibrium.

This one day workshop will focus on the how to be aware of these physical aspects of our ability to balance complementary energies and will develop a form of Qigong that activates these capacities through movements initiated by the meridian pathway called the Shao Yang.

Balancing Self and Society Using Body Intelligence
In this worksho we will explore how to be true to ourselves at the same time as being part of a community. This requires an ability to balance forces that are often in opposition and requires emotional skills such as containment, delaying gratification, valuing disagreement and transcending difference.

We will explore how the whole course has given resources for living - how listening to the subtle sensations of the body can help us to have mature and authentic relationships and how to deal creatively with difference and conflict. We will review the Qigong and Bodywork of the course and work with how the physical explorations can form a real foundation for emotional intelligence.


Qigong Days: Saturday 10am-6pm - £60 per day
Weekend Workshops (Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm) : £120 per workshop
Residential Course (Wed evening - Sunday afternoon): £390 + accommodation costs below
Some bursaries are available for students and people who really can't afford the fees.

All courses will take place in our new centre in Frome, Somerset. We have a limited number of spaces in the Centre for Bed and Breakfast and the July residential will be centred there.

To apply, or for more information, please fill out the following details, and we will send you an application form with more information.

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