The Journal of Shiatsu and Oriental Body Therapy

The Journal of Shiatsu and Oriental Body Therapy was created by Bill Palmer in 1994 to be a professional journal, publishing high quality articles and research in the field. It was published twice a year and had a circulation of over 2000 people worldwide. The last issue was published in 1998.

All of the issues can now be read online and downloaded if you wish. If you want to read a back issue, click on the image below.

Do I have to pay?

If you like the Journal and print out an issue, we will give you the opportunity to contribute a voluntary donation since the Journal was produced as a labour of love and at a loss for many years. However, this is up to you. To make a donation, click the button on the left of this page or click here

Donations will be used to support the production of further issues in this electronic format and the possible creation of a database of Articles and Dissertations on Shiatsu and related subjects.

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