The School for Experiential Education
Information and History

The School for Experiential Education (SEED) was founded in 1986 by Bill Palmer, Clare Hayes and Elizabeth St John as a centre for teaching different forms of movement based therapy.

During the 1990's it ran an undergraduate training programme in Movement Shiatsu (What is Movement Shiatsu?) and developed off-shoots in Spain, founded by David Ventura and in Scotland, started by Audicia Morley.

Now it concentrates on providing a three year Professional Training in Movement Shiatsu and the Postgraduate Diploma, teaching people how to make their Shiatsu more interactive, more process oriented and more accessible to clients.

In addition, Six Channel Qi Gong classes to develop and stimulate the Six Divisions are taught by Bill in Bath and London, which people attend in the same way they might attend a Yoga or Pilates class.