Worldwide Courses in 2018
UK Summer Residential 2018
Postgraduate Certificate Programme

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Frome, Somerset: 

Programme of Somatic Exploration & Movement Shiatsu 2017 :
Four long weekends. Come to any or all of these.
Covers all the curriculum of  Postgraduate Certificate in Movement Shiatsu
March 31-Apri 2, July 13-15, Oct 20-22, Dec 8-10 
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Experiential Anatomy Online : An in depth course in Experiential Anatomy, in independent modules dealing with the skeleton and organs. Future modules are planned to cover movement muscles, postural muscles, tensegrity-connective system

Cost: £90 each module. Free for students on training programmes.


Kiental, Switzerland: Embodying Energetic Change
Dates: 5-8 October 2017

In this workshop we will show how to help bring energetic change into the tissues through the approach of Movement Shiatsu and Experiential Anatomy.more

In energy therapies such as Shiatsu and Acupuncture we often find that, although a significant change occurs in the sessions, the client reverts to their problematic state soon afterwards.The can be because the energetic change has not been fully embodied and so the sensations emanating from the fascia, organs and muscles contradict the new state and pull the person back into their old patterns.

The basic philosophy of these approaches is to help the client to be aware of their body so that they can consciously explore how to develop in a way that suits them.

– Exploring the fascia to release habitual holding patterns.

– Techniques for energising passive muscles

– Moving with the internal organs

– Learning Inner Qigong

– Releasing Trauma through Spontaneous Movement

– Working with the gamma nervous system to allow structural adjustment

Wiesbaden, Germany: Tensegrity, Fascia and Developmental meridians
Dates: 18-19 November 2017

A workshop of Movement, Bodywork and Experiential Anatomy to explore how the fascia and connective tissues give a sense of integrity both physically and emotionally.  more

These tissues connect everything together and give a sense of elasticity and wholeness to the body. We will show how to contact the fascia through specific qualities of touch, how to feel and develop the elasticity of the fascia in oneself and how to use that sensation to find a sense of physical coordination and ease in movement.Bill Palmer’s research with infant development has shown that the classical meridians show the way in which babies learn to move by connecting different body parts. As adults we find other ways of moving, particularly using spirals and movements that cross the midline. These pathways of connection are embodied in the muscles and fascia, forming ‘personal meridians’ different to the innate ones. The workshop will show how to work with these myo-fascial meridians and help clients to be aware of their unique way of moving and being.

Wageningen, Holland:  Aligning Body and Mind
Dates: 25-26 November 2017
Movement Shiatsu and Skeletal Alignment
In this workshop we will show how to work with movement and Shiatsu to help clarify inner conflict, release stuckness and align the body and mind.   more…

– Working with the skeleton to adjust postural distortions.
– Working with the Bladder and Small Intestine meridians to channel and align actions
– Working with the Kidney and Heart meridians to clarify inner motivations and to release inhibiting conditioning.
– Working with ligaments and bone-fascia to release energy blockage.