Frequently Asked Questions

What is Movement Shiatsu?

Movement Shiatsu is process oriented, very interactive, uses movement, talking, drama and touch. The therapist is not so concerned with making a diagnosis but in helping the client become aware of their energy through sensation and body awareness.

Different positions and movements support this awareness and then the bodywork makes sense to the client, they can feel connections being made and can practice the process themselves.

Movement Shiatsu supports the client in interactive experiments which help her play with the new ways of being and integrate it into her normal life.


Where are the Residential Courses held?

In Gaunts House, near Wimborne, in Dorset

What are the terms and conditions of payment for the courses?

For the postgraduate programme, read them here. For other courses, the terms vary and will be given to you in printed or verbal form when you apply.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, and it complies with the Data Protection Act. Read it here