The School for Experiential Education (SEED) is a centre for teaching Movement Based Therapies and Somatic Exploration.

We run postgraduate courses worldwide for body therapists in Movement Shiatsu. These train practitioners how to  involve the client more in the treatment, teaching clients to be aware of their bodies and postural patterns and how to experiment with changing those patterns.

We also teach courses in Inner Qigong and Somatic Exploration open to everyone who wants to explore themselves through the body and online courses in Experiential Anatomy.

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Weekly Classes

Wednesday Mornings 8:30-9:45 : Exploring Inner Qigong

Developing inner resources and resilience and finding internal peace.

with Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland

This class gives a framework for exploring yourself through movement, voicework and visualisation. Inner Qigong is not a fixed set of exercises but a system of awareness experiments through which you can discover what you want to work on in yourself. It also gives you practical ways of developing a personalised daily practice which focuses on those areas.

To read an article on the ideas behind these classes: http://www.seed.org/inner-qigong

The first  series of classes will explore different aspects of your body, voice and physiology:

  • Breathing, support and awareness of the inner organs
  • Becoming aware of bones and joints and how you move them
  • Discovering how muscles and fascia create elastic connections
  • Exploring the rhythms of the internal fluids
  • Becoming aware of movement patterns and learning to experiment with them
  • Creating your personal space and relating to others
  • Exploring spontaneity and becoming aware of internal impulses
  • Developing your voice and widening your range of expression

Cost: by donation. Suggested £5-£10 per session.