The School for Experiential Education (SEED) is a centre for teaching Movement Based Therapies and Somatic Exploration.

We run postgraduate courses worldwide for body therapists in Movement Shiatsu. These train practitioners how to  involve the client more in the treatment, teaching clients to be aware of their bodies and postural patterns and how to experiment with changing those patterns.

We also teach courses in Inner Qigong and Somatic Exploration open to everyone who wants to explore themselves through the body and online courses in Experiential Anatomy.

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Modalities: Somatic Exploration, Developmental Process, Movement Shiatsu
This workshop explores a central human dilemma: How can we value our individuality at the same time as living harmoniously with other people?

We often suppress our spontaneous self because of a fear of other people’s disapproval. Sometimes this is appropriate but more often it inhibits our creativity and authenticity.

One can see each individual as a community; a community of sub-personalities, organs, muscles and bones which are held together into a unified sense of self by the fascia and nervous systems.
Society’s expectations can silence most of this community. The workshop will explore, through bodywork, movement and voicework, how to wake up and listen to these forgotten parts of the self and along the way demonstrates a way of living with others creatively, valuing each others’ differences and respectfully resolving conflict.