The School for Experiential Education (SEED) is a centre for teaching Movement Based Therapies and Somatic Exploration.

We run postgraduate courses worldwide for body therapists in Movement Shiatsu. These train practitioners how to  involve the client more in the treatment, teaching clients to be aware of their bodies and postural patterns and how to experiment with changing those patterns.

We also teach courses in Inner Qigong and Somatic Exploration open to everyone who wants to explore themselves through the body and online courses in Experiential Anatomy.

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Kiental, Switzerland:

Embodying Energetic Change
Dates: 5-8 October 2017

In this workshop we will show how to help bring energetic change into the tissues through the approach of Movement Shiatsu and Experiential Anatomy. full details and booking …
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In energy therapies such as Shiatsu and Acupuncture we often find that, although a significant change occurs in the sessions, the client reverts to their problematic state soon afterwards.The can be because the energetic change has not been fully embodied and so the sensations emanating from the fascia, organs and muscles contradict the new state and pull the person back into their old patterns.

The basic philosophy of these approaches is to help the client to be aware of their body so that they can consciously explore how to develop in a way that suits them.

– Exploring the fascia to release habitual holding patterns.

– Techniques for energising passive muscles

– Moving with the internal organs

– Learning Inner Qigong

– Releasing Trauma through Spontaneous Movement

– Working with the gamma nervous system to allow structural adjustment

Frome, UK

Dates: 20-22 October 2017

This Somatic Exploration workshop focuses on creating a sense of safe space in which we can let go of the habitual patterns we have developed in order to deal with overload, trauma and past pain.  full details
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We will introduce bodywork to sense the internal organs and the enteric nervous system which are the parts of the body which are least affected by conditioning but which also store the emotional pressure repressed by that conditioning.

This leads into breathwork to expand the soft tissues and feel inner support and into movement experiments to develop clear boundaries and  fill your personal space.  Expanding into personal space gives the feeling of confidence to be yourself and to let go of the fears that often inhibit our authenticity. Through this work we will develop a form of Qigong the practice of which develops the themes of the course.

Modalities: Somatic Exploration, Developmental Process, Movement Shiatsu
This workshop is based on the idea that each individual is a community;  a community of sub-personalities, organs, muscles and bones which are held together into a unified sense of self by the fascia and nervous systems.

This workshop will explore how these inner ‘people’ relate to each other through bodywork, somatic exploration and movement experiments. We will explore ways of helping this inner community  to integrate and listening to your inner wisdom. This demonstrates  a way of living with others creatively, valuing each others’ differences and  respectfully resolving conflict.